About handling multiple documents

OmniPage can handle multiple documents at the same time.

Multiple document handling allows you to

  • Create or open more than one document at a time.

  • Run a workflow on one document and work manually on another.

  • Run workflows on more than one document at the same time.

  • Copy or move pages between documents by the Copy and Paste commands or by drag-and-drop. For more details see Page operations between documents.

  • Show thumbnails of a document without switching to it. For more details see Showing thumbnails of another open document.

To switch between documents

  • Use the Window menu or

  • In the Thumbnails panel, click the title bar of the document

Omnipage eng thumbnails diagram About handling multiple documents


  • Whenever you close a document or switch to another one when unsaved training data exists, a dialog box appears allowing you to save it.

About handling multiple documents