About legal documents

Legal documents have a special layout. They may have

  • line numbers in the left margin,

  • a single or double vertical line on the left side to separate the line numbers from the body text, and a single vertical line on the right side.

  • a single header line containing information about the case, the date when the document was filed etc.

  • usually on the first page a table-like header where names of the plaintiff and the defendant are specified.

  • stamps, signs.

During the processing of legal documents

  • Single-line headers will be detected and removed where possible.

  • Table-like headers will be handled during zoning as tables and they will also be displayed in the Text Editor as tables.

  • Line numbers – called also as pleading numbers – will be kept or dropped depending on the state of the Retain pleading numbers option in export converters.

  • Stamps and signs are usually handled as graphics.


For processing legal documents, the following settings should be made:

  • Before recognition, choose Legal Pleading from the Layout Description drop-down list, or select Process >  Perform OCR > Legal Pleading from the Process menu.

  • For the output, decide to retain or drop pleading numbers. In the Save to File dialog box select a file type, then click the Options… button and in the converter options dialog box, enable or disable the Retain pleading numbers check box according to your needs.

  • The program does not handle legal documents in Asian languages.


About legal documents