Resizing a page view

You can resize (enlarge or reduce) the current page displayed in the Page Image panel or in the Text Editor. The Standard toolbar has a zoom selection box that shows the zoom value for the area that is currently active.

To zoom in or out on a page view:

  1. Click in the area you want to enlarge or reduce to make it active.

  2. Select a zoom value from the selection box in the Standard toolbar.

    Or, choose Zoom in the View menu and select a size option in the sub-menu.

    Or, click the right mouse button in the area you want to resize and select a size option in the shortcut menu.

    The page resizes as specified.

  3. You can also resize the original image with the zoom in Omnipage tb im zoom in Resizing a page view or zoom out Omnipage tb im zoom out Resizing a page view buttons in the Image toolbar.


  • OmniPage offers two dynamic zoom values: Page Width and Whole Page. These may change the zoom factor when you resize an area, so that the whole page width or the whole page always remains visible.


Resizing a page view