Going to pages

The Page Image panel and Text Editor can display the current page in a document. Numbered miniature images of each page in a document can be displayed in the Thumbnails panel. All pages in a document are presented in a table in the Document Manager. The current page is shown with an “eye” icon both in the thumbnails and in the Document Manager.

You can change to another page by doing one of the following:

  • Click the thumbnail of the page you want to display (scroll if necessary).

  • Click the leftmost icon area or double-click a page row in the Document Manager.

  • Click the First Page, Previous Page, Next Page or Last Page buttons at the lower-left corner of the OmniPage Desktop.

  • Choose Next Page, Previous Page in the Edit menu.

  • Use the Go to Page dialog box (Edit menu) to specify a page number or to go to the first page containing a keyword previously specified in the Document Manager’s Note column.



  • You can use the scroll bars in the Text Editor to move up or down on the current page, but you cannot scroll through multiple pages.



Going to pages