Editing graphics

OmniPage can transfer graphics, such as logos or photos, to the Text Editor and place them alongside recognized text. OmniPage can link to image-editing applications so you can edit retained graphics on the spot.

To edit a retained graphic after OCR:

  1. Check that the picture appears in the Text Editor after recognition. If not, draw a graphic zone around it in the Page Image panel. If the picture is in a zone with a different type, change it to a graphics zone. See Zone types and contents for more information. Then re-recognize the page.

  2. Double-click the picture in the OmniPage Text Editor.

    You can also select the picture and choose Edit Picture With in the Format menu, or right-click the picture and select Edit Picture With from the shortcut menu, then select your default picture editor.

The selected picture will be displayed in the picture editor.

  1. To change the application to be used as your default picture editor, click Edit Picture With and then Choose Program… All programs on your computer are listed, be sure to select one that can accept images. If you do not see the application you want, click Other… and browse for it.

  1. Edit the picture as desired.

    Refer to the image-editing application’s documentation for information on using its tools.

To end the picture editing session:

Save the picture and exit the image-editing application.

Changes are updated in the picture as displayed in the OmniPage Text Editor.

  • Please do not change the size, resolution or pixel depth of the picture. This will prevent it from being updated.


Editing graphics