Workflow Viewer

The Workflow Viewer provides a graphical representation of the workflow structure used in jobs and provides direct access to input and output files.

It appears in the Workflow Status panel and also in the Batch Manager on the right side. You can get detailed step-by-step real-time information as the job runs and also view results from each previous job run.

The Viewer displays the input and output file names at each stage. Job results are marked by icons.

A ToolTip appears when you hover the cursor over a file name, an info, error or warning symbol. Items in the Workflow Viewer typically have a shortcut menu.

To view or open input or output files in the Workflow Viewer:

  • Double-click a file name, or

  • Right-click a file name and select Open Selected File from the shortcut menu, or

  • Select a file using the arrow keys and click Enter.

  • You can also open a file from the Tools menu of the Batch Manager with the Open Selected File menu item.

Symbols used in the Workflow Viewer

Omnipage icon wv ok Workflow Viewer

Processing succeeded

Omnipage icon wv info Workflow Viewer

ToolTip shows information, such as the number of recognized characters and rejected characters.

Omnipage icon wv error Workflow Viewer

 An error occurred. ToolTip gives more information.

Omnipage icon wv warning Workflow Viewer

Warning. ToolTip gives more information.

Omnipage icon wv circle Workflow Viewer

Connects the output with its input pages.

Omnipage icon wv plugged Workflow Viewer

Indicates that the output file was created from more than one input file.       





Workflow Viewer