Mailbox watching jobs

Omnipage pro Mailbox watching jobs

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

You can specify mailbox watching job as a job type. Two mailing systems are supported by OmniPage: Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes. Mailbox watching jobs are available only if the mailing system is installed and functioning properly on your computer.

Mailbox watching jobs serve for extracting attachments from incoming mail messages. These jobs allow processing to be started automatically whenever image file attachments are placed in pre-defined folders in your mailing system.

  • It is recommended to direct your mail messages to different folders in your mailing system according to subject categories.

To create a mailbox watching job

  1. Start Batch Manager.

  2. Name your job.

  3. Select a mailbox watching job as job type, then click Next.

  4. Click Browse. The Log-in dialog box will appear where you can select a mail profile (Outlook or Lotus Notes) and type in a password, then click OK.

  5. Select the folder in your mailing system where your mail messages with the image file attachments will arrive.

  6. Select a file type. You can also select All files. Then click OK and Next.

  7. Select the appropriate timing and other options in the Start and Stop Options panel, then click Next.

  8. Create a workflow for this mailbox job: In the Workflow Assistant panel, select Fresh Start (when starting from scratch) or Existing Workflows, then click Next.

  9. Follow steps as described under Creating workflows and Modifying workflows. At least one saving step is compulsory in a job.

  10. After all desired steps are added, click Finish.

Mailbox watching jobs