Scanner driven workflows

You can associate a button on your scanner with an OmniPage scanning workflow. As a result, you can  launch a scanning workflow by pressing the button on your scanner. The scanner must be a local scanner attached to your computer.


  1. Create a scanning workflow in the Workflow Assistant.

  2. Select Tools > Options > Scanner (your scanner must be set up properly to be used with OmniPage).

    Select a scanning workflow from the Scanner button / Default action list or select Prompt for workflow.

    (Note: all user-created scanning workflows appear there).

  3. Associate OmniPage with a scanner button. Click the Control Panel: Scanners button to display Scanners and Cameras of the Control panel. Select a scanner and click the Properties button. In the Properties dialog box, click the Events tab. Select a scanner event (i..e. a scanner button) and associate it with OmniPage.

  4. Press the button on your scanner. OmniPage will be launched with the associated workflow.

If more than one application is associated with the scanner button, the operating system prompts you to select the application to launch when you press the scanner button. To avoid this, select Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras and disable the other applications.

  • If you select Prompt for workflow you will be prompted to select a workflow each time you press the scanner button. In the prompting dialog box, there is an option Do not prompt me again. If it is checked, the selected workflow will be associated with the button from then on.


Scanner driven workflows