Running workflows

To run a workflow with OmniPage open

  1. Select the desired workflow from the Workflow drop-down list.

  1. Press the Omnipage tbxb start wf Running workflows Pause button.

    A dialog box appears detailing choices. Click OK. You may have to wait for the current workflow step to finish. Then you can:

    • resume processing with the Start button

    • save or modify the incomplete workflow results by selecting 1-2-3 in the Workflow drop-down list to stop the workflow. Use manual or automatic processing to work further and save the pages.

    • discard the workflow results by closing the document using the File menu.

    • save the current state of the document to an OmniPage Document file using the File menu.

  2. Running workflows with user interactions

    You may request steps requiring interaction (manual zoning, manual image enhancement, or proofing). The program presents pages for attention. Draw zones manually, enhance your image or proofread the recognized text then let OmniPage continue working.

    When you run a workflow with interaction in a job, you can choose to suppress the interactive steps. See Modifying Jobs.

    To continue a workflow after a user interaction

    There can be three user interaction steps in workflows: image enhancement, zoning and proofing. When such a workflow runs, the step icon in the Toolbox provides two buttons, as shown:

    Omnipage button user interaction Running workflows

    • Click the Omnipage button pageready Running workflows Page Ready button to signal that manual enhancement, zoning or proofreading is ready, and that you are ready to see the next page.

    • Click the Omnipage button docready Running workflows Document Ready button whenever you reach the last page of a document, or earlier, if you no longer want to do image enhancement, zoning or proofing on the remaining pages.

    • Any pages without zones will be auto-zoned.


    • The After Completion menu under Process / Workflows gives you three options to end a workflow. You can choose to close the document, close OmniPage, or shut down your computer. These settings are useful if your workflow is designed to run unattended. In this case, remember to include a saving step. These settings affect only the next running of the workflow, they are not remembered.

    To run a workflow with OmniPage closed

    1. Click the Omnipage icon taskbar Running workflows OmniPage Agent icon in your taskbar.

    If you do not see the icon, select Enable OmniPage Agent on system tray in the General panel of the Options dialog box or launch it from the Windows Start menu.

    1. Select a workflow from its shortcut menu.

    You can select a sample workflow or one you have created. OmniPage will start and immediately run the workflow.



Running workflows