Recurring jobs

Omnipage pro Recurring jobs

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

In OmniPage Professional, you can specify recurring jobs. Recurring jobs consist of predefined steps with predefined settings to be processed automatically at recurring intervals. Recurring jobs are created from the Batch Manager.

Normal jobs, Folder watching jobs and Mailbox watching jobs can be recurrent. For specifying recurring jobs, you have to select Recurrent… as Start Time in the Start and Stop Options panel of the Job Wizard.

The Job Recurrence panel of the Job Wizard lets you specify timing options for recurring jobs, i.e. jobs that should run repeatedly over a number of days or weeks.

To set up a recurring job

  1. Start the Batch Manager.

  2. Select a job type. All types can be recurrent, except Barcode cover page jobs.

  3. Type in a job name.

  4. In the Start an Stop Options panel of the Job Wizard, select Recurrent… as Start Time. Click Next.

  5. In the Job Recurrence panel, select Daily if you want to run your job several times a week, or select Weekly to run the job on certain days of the week.

  6. Select the measure of frequency.

  7. Select the starting and finishing date.

    Recurring jobs can be defined without finishing date. Select No end date for this purpose.

  8. In the Workflow Assistant, select Fresh Start (when starting from scratch) or Existing Workflows, then click Next.

  9. Follow steps as described under Creating workflows and Modifying workflows. At least one saving step is compulsory in a job.

  10. After all desired steps are added, click Finish.


  11. Running dates of recurring jobs will be displayed in a selection box in the History column of the Batch Manager. The date of the next run is also displayed in the Batch Manager.


Recurring jobs