Modifying workflows

You can modify a workflow at any time with the Workflow Assistant.

  1. Select the workflow in the Workflow drop-down list. Press the Omnipage tb st wa Modifying workflows Workflow Assistant button on the Standard toolbar or choose Workflow Assistant… in the Tools menu.

You can also select Workflows… from the Tools menu, select the workflow and click Modify… .

The Workflow Assistant panel appears with the workflow steps on its left side and with the options of the first step on its right side.  

  1. To change step options, click the step or navigate to it using the Next and Back buttons and make the change.

  2. To change a step, click the strip at the bottom of a step and choose from the currently available steps displayed on a list. Choose options for the new step.

  3. To delete a step, click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the step.

  4. When you have made all the changes you want, click Finish.

  5. If you delete or change a step any subsequent dependent steps will also be deleted.
    If you delete Recognize Images, the Correct Recognition Results step with the rest of the steps together will be deleted.
    However, you can delete an Enhance Images step or a Correct Recognition Results step without removing the subsequent steps.

You may want to modify existing workflows to create new ones. See ‘To create a workflow from an existing one’ under Creating workflows.

Modifying workflows