Modifying jobs

Jobs with Inactive status can be modified. If you need to modify a job that is waiting or watching, you must deactivate it first, so its status becomes Inactive.

To modify a job

  1. Start the Batch Manager.

  2. Select the job in the left panel of the Batch Manager.

  3. Click the Omnipage tb bm modify Modifying jobs Modify Job button in the Batch Manager toolbar or choose Modify from the Edit menu.

The Job Wizard appears with the job name. Retain the job name and click Next.

  1. Make the desired changes:

    • In the Start and Stop Options panel, modify timing instructions as desired.

    • To suppress interactive steps in the job, select Run job without any prompts. See below.

    • In the Workflow Assistant, change steps or step options. For more details, see Modifying workflows.

  1. Click Finish.

Omnipage pro Modifying jobs

In OmniPage Professional, you can modify folders and subfolders to be watched in the Input Folders panel of the Job Wizard.


How to temporarily suppress interactive steps from a job

In the Start and Stop Options panel, select the checkmark Run job without any prompts. This lets you run such jobs in two ways, avoiding the need to create two jobs. If you plan to be at the computer as the job runs, de-select the checkmark. If you want to run the job without being present, select the checkmark. Then only automatic image enhancement will run, auto-zoning will replace manual zoning and proofing is skipped. In this case you must ensure that the input and saving file set names and locations are pre-defined.

Modifying jobs