Managing and running jobs

This is done with the Batch Manager. It presents two panels. The left panel lists each job, its next run, status and history. The status will be:

Omnipage icon bm waiting Managing and running jobs

Waiting: Scheduled but job start time is in the future.

Omnipage icon bm running Managing and running jobs

Running: Processing is currently underway.

Omnipage icon bm watch Managing and running jobs

Watching: Folder watching is in progress but there is no processing.

Omnipage icon bm inactive Managing and running jobs

Inactive: Created with the timing instruction: Do not start now; plus any deactivated jobs.

Omnipage icon bm expired Managing and running jobs

Expired: Scheduled job but start time is in the past.

Omnipage icon bm collecting Managing and running jobs

Collecting: Watching in progress, files are arriving but the job is waiting for more incoming files to arrive.

Omnipage icon bm paused Managing and running jobs

Paused: User has paused the job and not yet resumed it.

Omnipage icon bm running Managing and running jobs

Closing: Watch type job is saving its result.

Omnipage icon bm starting Managing and running jobs

Starting: The status right before Running. Displays when a job is just being started or when more jobs are about to run than the Batch Manager can simultaneously run.

Click on a job and a page-by-page analysis of all pages in the job appears in the right panel. It shows where input was taken from, the page status and where output was directed to. Click on a plus icon to see more information about the page. For jobs with the error or warning status, the listing shows which pages failed or what problems occurred.

Use the Batch Manager toolbar Omnipage tb bm Managing and running jobs to manage jobs.

Omnipage tb bm start Managing and running jobs

Create Job serves to create a new job.

Omnipage tb bm modify Managing and running jobs

Modify Job lets you modify the selected job. It brings up the Job Wizard. Only Inactive jobs can be modified.

Omnipage tb bm rename Managing and running jobs

Rename Job lets you modify the name of any selected job.

Omnipage tb bm delete Managing and running jobs

Delete Job serves to delete the currently selected job. Only Inactive jobs can be deleted.

Omnipage tb bm activate Managing and running jobs

Activate Job serves to activate the selected job. Any inactive job can be activated. Unscheduled jobs can be activated manually.

Omnipage tb bm deactivate Managing and running jobs

Deactivate Job serves to deactivate any active job. If the job is running, this will stop it before deactivating. Choose this to close a Watch folder job immediately to save its result.

Omnipage tb bm stop Managing and running jobs

Stop Job serves to terminate a job with status Starting, Running, or Paused.

Omnipage tb bm pause Managing and running jobs

Pause Job is available for jobs with status Running or Starting. To modify such a job’s timing instructions you must stop it.

Omnipage tb bm resume Managing and running jobs

Resume Job lets the job continue from its state when it was paused.

Create Job, Activate Job, Deactivate Job, Stop Job, Pause Job and Resume Job are also available from the Batch Manager’s File menu.


  • Use Save OPD As… in the File menu to save any intermediate result of a paused job to an OPD file.

Rename, Modify and Delete are also available from the Edit menu. Select Copy Status Report from the Edit menu to send a copy of a job’s status report to Clipboard.


  • To free disk space, choose Clear Occurrence in the Edit menu. This removes files storing the reporting data from the current occurrence of the current job. Clear All Occurrences removes all data for all job occurrences of the selected job. Note that cleared occurrences cannot be viewed any more, so use these commands with caution. These commands have no effect on job output files.

In OmniPage Professional, you can modify the list of folders and subfolders to be watched in the Input Folders panel of the Job Wizard.




Managing and running jobs