Creating jobs

A new job is created from the Batch Manager with the Job Wizard and the Workflow Assistant.

To create a job starting from scratch:

  1. Start the Batch Manager.

  2. Click the Omnipage tb bm new Creating jobs Create Job button in the Batch Manager toolbar or select Create Job in the File menu.

The Job Wizard will appear.

  1. Type in a job name and select a job type, then click Next.

  2. Specify time options for the job in the Start and Stop Options panel.

    In OmniPage you have two starting choices, Start Now and Do not start now. Stopping options are not available because they relate only to watched folders. OmniPage Professional offers the full range of timing options.

  3. Select other options in this panel according to your needs. The Delete input image files option should only be selected, if you want to delete the input image files after completing a job. Use this option with care, because you can check job results only after job completion.

  4. Choose Run job without any prompting if you are creating a job with interactive steps, but you want to suppress those steps when the job is first run. You can modify the job later, to allow or prohibit the interactive steps when it is next run. Click Next.

  5. In the Workflow Assistant – Create New Job panel, click Next with Fresh Start selected. The Load Files step is offered as first step.  

If you want your job to run unattended, deselect Prompt for files, and click Browse to specify files. You can choose files from different folders.

  1. Continue selecting steps and defining settings when necessary.

For unattended jobs, do not select interactive steps. At least one saving step is compulsory in a job. Specify the output file location and names.

  1. After all desired steps are added, click Finish.

To create a job using an existing workflow:

  1. Follow steps 1-5 described above.

  2. In the Workflow Assistant – Create New Job panel, select Existing Workflows, select workflows to view their steps. The contents are displayed in the workflow display panel.

  3. Select the most suitable workflow and click Next.

  4. Click Finish if the workflow is suitable as it is.

  5. If not, make changes if necessary. See the Modifying workflows topic. The modifications relate to the job; the source workflow is not modified.

  6. When you have made all the changes you want, click Finish.

  1. Copying to Clipboard is not available in workflows or jobs.


  • Job results (page images and/or recognized pages) can be directed to pre-defined mail recipients. Use the auto-sending option for this.


Omnipage pro Creating jobs

In OmniPage Professional, you can specify folder watching and mailbox watching as job input, setup recurring jobs and the time options for watched folder jobs, create barcode cover page jobs and request E-mail notification of job completion.


Creating jobs