About the Workflow Assistant

To open the Workflow Assistant, click the Omnipage tb st wa About the Workflow Assistant Workflow Assistant button when no workflow is loaded, or select New Workflow… in the Workflow drop-down list or from the Process menu. The Workflow Assistant starts with a title Create New Workflow.

The Workflow Assistant guides you in creating or modifying workflows by offering the appropriate steps with the available options.

You can see the workflow steps on the left side and the options panel of for the currently selected step on the right side.

Click the strip at the bottom of a step to see a list of possible steps that can be selected at this position in the workflow. Use this list to choose the step you want.

Use the Close button in the upper-right corner of a step to delete it. If you delete or change a step any subsequent dependent steps will also be deleted.

Whenever you click the Next button, the program offers a new step with default options. Either accept this step or choose a different one from the list. Change options for the chosen step as desired.

The Finish button can be selected at any time.


About the Workflow Assistant