Quick Convert View

Use this view for simplified recognition and saving. All available settings and options are presented in one place.

In general, this view can handle only one input file and output document at a time. If you have an open document in OmniPage, you have to close it first and then choose Quick Convert View from the Window menu.

The OmniPage Toolbox (Quick) has the following buttons: the Get and Convert button, the Get Page button and the Convert Document button.

The Quick Convert Options appear in a tabbed panel on the left. Here you can select the document source and the output options.

The following output text formats are available:

  • Microsoft Word 2000, XP

  • Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 (.docx)

  • Microsoft Excel XP,  2003

  • Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 (.xlsx)

  • PDF

  • PDF Searchable Image

  • XPS

  • XPS Searchable Image

  • WordPerfect 12, X3

  • Text

The status bar displays the recognition language and the OCR setting (accuracy or speed) for information purposes. If necessary, you can change these or any other options by clicking All Options….

The Quick Convert Options panel is toggled with the Easy Loader panel, useful for file selection, either for loading image files one at a time, or for starting quick ‘one-click’ processing (load > recognize > save) using existing settings. This latter is the only case when a multiple input file selection can be made in Quick Convert View. See the sub-topic ‘Easy Loader in Quick Convert View’ under Easy Loader.

The Page Image panel is displayed on the right side with the Image toolbar (Quick). It displays recognition progress.

The Help panel can be added to this view from the Window menu, but other panels are not available.

To switch away from this view, use the Window menu, since the Standard toolbar is not displayed.


Quick Convert View