Classic View

Classic View is a special kind of the Flexible View. This view has a similar look and feel to previous versions of OmniPage. If you later change the Classic View screen layout, choose Reset Current View from the Window menu to restore the OmniPage 15 appearance.

In default Classic View there are four working areas separated by splitters. The OmniPage desktop displays the miniature images of each page in the Thumbnails panel,  and the current page image of a document in the Page Image panel. If the page has been recognized, the recognition results appear in the Text Editor in one of three selectable formatting levels. The Document Manager contains statistical information. Page operations can be performed from this panel and from the Thumbnails panel.

Use the Window menu to add the Easy Loader, Workflow Status or Help panels. Tabbed panels are not available in Classic View – the panels are tiled. To re-arrange panel appearance, see About the panels.

The OmniPage Toolbox lets you drive the processing. The Page Image has an Image toolbar and the Text Editor has a Formatting toolbar.



Classic View