About the views

The program offers three views: Classic, Flexible and Quick Convert View. Classic is a special kind of the Flexible View defined for your convenient use. Its starting appearance is similar to the traditional OmniPage 15 user interface.

Depending on the current task, you can have as much useful working area as possible by rearranging the panels according to current requirements. You can also define and use custom views. Use the Custom Views dialog box to save a custom view.

To switch between views

  • Click the view you want to use in the Standard toolbar or the Window menu.

  • To see a description of the views before choosing, choose Select a View in the Help menu.

  • Since the Standard toolbar is not displayed in Quick Convert View, you must use the Window menu to change views.

To reset a view

  • Use Reset Current View from the Window menu.
    OmniPage will reset the current view to its delivery default arrangement.

  • You cannot use Reset Current View for a custom view.

About the views