Image toolbar

Use the buttons on the Image toolbar

  • to work with backgrounds and zones in an image

  • to edit dividers in table zones

  • to rotate or zoom in and out on an image

  • to have zone changes processed immediately in the Text Editor

  • to undo changes

  • to display the Image Enhancement window

  • to show or hide an Overview window.

Use the Toolbars dialog box to show or hide the toolbar.

The toolbar contains three sets of grouped tools: Draw zone tools, Table tools and Rotate tools. These groups can be undocked as separate toolbars and redocked. They can be closed while undocked – on purpose or by accident. Go to View/Toolbars to restore them, and to show or hide the whole Image toolbar.

Click a tool button below to find out what it does.


Tool names

Omnipage tb im bg process Image toolbar Omnipage tb im bg ignore Image toolbar

Process background tool and Ignore background tool.

Omnipage tb im select zone Image toolbar

Select zone tool.

Omnipage tb im reorder zones Image toolbar

Zone order tool.

Omnipage tb im draw process zone Image toolbar Omnipage tb im draw ignore zone Image toolbar

Draw process zone tool and Draw ignore zone tool.

Omnipage tb im draw zone tools Image toolbar

Draw zone tools: Draw text zone tool, Draw table zone tool, Draw graphic zone tool, Draw form zone tool (Professional only), Draw vertical Asian text zone tool, Draw vertical left-rotated text zone tool and Draw vertical right-rotated text zone tool. Default: Draw text zone.

Omnipage tb im table tools Image toolbar

Table tools: Insert row dividers, Insert column dividers, Move dividers, Remove dividers, Remove/replace all. Default: Insert row dividers.

Omnipage tb imt ienhance Image toolbar

Enhance Image tool

Omnipage tb im rotate image tools Image toolbar

Rotate image tools: Rotate right, Rotate left, Rotate 180 degrees. Default: Rotate right.

Omnipage tb im zoom in Image toolbar Omnipage tb im zoom out Image toolbar

Zoom in tool, Zoom out tool

Omnipage tb im overview Image toolbar

Show / hide Overview tool

Omnipage tb im fly red Image toolbar or Omnipage  Image toolbar y_green.png" alt="" width="26" height="24" border="0">

On-the-fly tool: to activate zoning changes immediately
Red signal: no stored zoning changes.
Green signal: there are stored zoning changes.

Omnipage tb im store zoning changes Image toolbar

Store zoning changes


Image toolbar