Image toolbar (Quick)

This Image toolbar appears in the Page Image panel in Quick Convert View. Use the Toolbars dialog box to show or hide the toolbar.

Omnipage toolbar image quick Image toolbar (Quick)


Tool names

Omnipage tb im select zone Image toolbar (Quick)

Select zone tool.

Omnipage toolbar image quick zones Image toolbar (Quick)

Draw zone tools: Draw text zone tool, Draw table zone tool and Draw graphic zone tool.

Omnipage tb im zoom in Image toolbar (Quick)Omnipage tb im zoom out Image toolbar (Quick)

Zoom in tool, Zoom out tool

Omnipage tb im rotate image tools Image toolbar (Quick)

Rotate image tools: Rotate right, Rotate left, Rotate 180 degrees.

Omnipage tb im overview Image toolbar (Quick)

Show / hide Overview tool

Omnipage toolbar image quick navigation Image toolbar (Quick)

First Image, Previous Image, Go to Page, Next Image, Last Image. These navigation tools are disabled if the document source is Load Files or Load Digital Camera Files.


Image toolbar (Quick)