Form Drawing toolbar

Omnipage pro Form Drawing toolbar

This topic relates only to OmniPage Professional.

The Form Drawing toolbar is a dockable toolbar in the Text Editor. To display it, select Toolbars from the View menu, then click the Form Drawing checkbox.

This toolbar allows you to create a range of form elements in the Omnipage icon tp Form Drawing toolbar True Page formatting level.


Tool names and functions

Omnipage tb form selection Form Drawing toolbar

Selection: Click this tool to be able to select, move, or resize elements in your form.

Omnipage tb form text Form Drawing toolbar

Text: Use the text tool to add fixed text descriptions on your form such as titles, labels and headers.

Omnipage tb form line Form Drawing toolbar

Line: The Line tool is mainly used in layout design: click it and draw lines to separate distinct sections in your form.

Omnipage tb form rectangle Form Drawing toolbar

Rectangle: Click this tool to create rectangles in your form for design purposes.

Omnipage tb form graphic Form Drawing toolbar

Graphic: Use this tool to select areas of your form that are to be treated as graphics.

Omnipage tb form filltext Form Drawing toolbar

Fill text: Click this tool to create fillable text fields. These form fields are where you want people to enter text.

Omnipage tb form comb Form Drawing toolbar

Comb: Use this tool to create a text field consisting of boxes. This is typically used for information such as ZIP codes.

Omnipage tb form checkbox Form Drawing toolbar

Checkbox: Click this tool and draw Checkboxes – typically for Yes/No questions and marking one or more choices.

Omnipage tb form circletext Form Drawing toolbar

Circle text: Functioning similarly to the Checkbox element (above), the Circle text tool creates elements that get encircled when selected.

Omnipage tb form table Form Drawing toolbar

Table: This tool creates tables in your form.

Other ways to create form elements:

  • select Format / Form Object / Insert, or

  • right-click in your recognized form, choose the Insert Form Object menu item, then define the object type.

    The object appears at the cursor position.

Form Drawing toolbar