The OmniPage Toolbox

The OmniPage Toolbox controls both automatic and manual processing. You can also start workflows from here. Drop-down lists serve for selecting options.

Omnipage eng toolbox The OmniPage Toolbox

The Start button initiates automatic processing using all current settings, or running a workflow with predefined settings. When a workflow is running, the Toolbox becomes a progress monitor.

The Get Page, the Perform OCR and the Export Results buttons serve for manual processing. The pictures on the buttons change as you set different options.

The OmniPage Toolbox is horizontally resizable.


The OmniPage Toolbox in compact mode

In compact mode, the drop-down lists under the buttons are not visible. Their functionality is merged into the button itself.

To display a drop-down list in compact mode, click the arrow at the right side of a button.

To switch between the two modes click the triangle at the far right end of the Toolbox.

This compact mode appearance allows you to dock the Standard toolbar and the OmniPage Toolbox side-by-side leaving more space for the windows.

Omnipage toolbox standard The OmniPage Toolbox

When running a user-defined workflow the OmniPage Toolbox also displays the workflow status  

Omnipage tbx wflow The OmniPage Toolbox

Click a step (or right-click a step and click Step properties) to display its options panel. For example, if you click the Recognize Images button on the OmniPage Toolbox when the Workflow View is shown, as you can see above, the Workflow Assistant – Recognize Images panel appears. You can check, and if necessary, change the options. You can also inspect the options while a workflow is running, but you cannot change them at that time.




Start button
Omnipage tbxb start The OmniPage Toolbox

Initiates automatic processing: acquiring images, performing OCR (auto-zoning, recognition and, if requested, proofing) and exporting according to the current settings.
Starts a selected workflow. The button has a different appearance depending on the selection in the Workflow drop-down list.

Get Page button
Omnipage tbxb scan color The OmniPage Toolbox

Scans pages (in color, in gray or BW) or loads images. The button has different pictures according to the document source selected in the Get Page drop-down list.

Perform OCR button
Omnipage tbxb ocr The OmniPage Toolbox

Initiates text recognition. For images without zones also initiates auto-zoning prior to text recognition. The button has different pictures according to the setting selected in the Layout Description drop-down list .

Export Results button
Omnipage tbxb save file The OmniPage Toolbox

Serves for saving the recognition results in a specified file format, for sending as mail or to other targets, or for copying to the Clipboard. The button has different pictures according to the destination selected in the Export Result drop-down list.


  • After processing has been started, the Start button changes to Stop. The Stop button interrupts the processing. The step in progress is cancelled, but all completed steps are conserved. Then you can make changes in settings and zoning. When you press the Start button to restart processing, the Automatic Processing dialog box lets you choose whether to finish processing existing pages, load and process additional pages, or reprocess all pages. To restart manual processing, click the relevant button: 1, 2 or 3.


Drop-down lists


Workflow drop-down list

Omnipage eng tbxlist 0 The OmniPage Toolbox


The item 1-2-3 lets you do automatic and manual processing. You also have four predefined workflows and any workflows you have created.

Get Page drop-down list

Omnipage eng tbxlist 1 The OmniPage Toolbox


These are choices for bringing page images into OmniPage. You can load image files or scan pages in black-and-white, grayscale or color. The items listed depend on your version of OmniPage and your computing environment. It may include items not displayed here.

Layout Description drop-down list

Omnipage eng tbxlist 2 The OmniPage Toolbox 

This list provides you with choices for description of the layout of the pages in the original document to assist the program when auto-zoning is performed. Templates will appear on the list only if any have been saved. Form is available only in OmniPage Professional.

Export Results drop-down list

Omnipage eng tbxlist 3 The OmniPage Toolbox


You can export pages with recognized text and retained graphics for use in other applications by saving them to file, sending them as mail attachments, directing them to other targets or copying them to the Clipboard.



Omnipage pro The OmniPage Toolbox

Only OmniPage Professional supports importing files from and exporting to Microsoft SharePoint, Hummingbird, iManage or ODMA.


For more information on each list element see Getting pages, Describing original layout and Export Results.

  • If the OmniPage Toolbox is no longer visible, choose Toolbars in the View menu and select OmniPage Toolbox in the Toolbars dialog box to display it again. See Customizing toolbars for more information.


The OmniPage Toolbox