The OmniPage Toolbox (Quick)

This OmniPage Toolbox controls processing in Quick Convert View. It is horizontally resizable. During processing, the Toolbox becomes a progress monitor.

The Get and Convert button initiates automatic processing using all current settings. The Get Page and the Convert Document buttons serve for manual processing.


Get and Convert button
Omnipage tbxb quick1 The OmniPage Toolbox (Quick) 

Initiates automatic processing in Quick Convert View: scanning pages (or loading a single image file) and converting the document (performing OCR with auto-zoning and saving it according to the current settings).

Get Page button
Omnipage tbxb scan color The OmniPage Toolbox (Quick)

Scans pages (in color, in gray or BW) or loads a single image file. The button has a different appearance according to the document source selected in Quick Convert Options.

Convert Document button
Omnipage tbxb quick3 The OmniPage Toolbox (Quick)

Initiates text recognition and saving in a single step from pages already acquired. A page range can be specified. For images without zones it also initiates auto-zoning prior to text recognition. Saving is done according to the predefined settings.

The Easy Loader can be used in Quick Convert View to choose input files. The Process menu offers two choices: Load files and Get and Convert.

When Load Files is set, clicking a file is the same as pressing the Get Page button. Only a single file can be loaded at a time.

When Get and Convert is set, multiple file selection is permitted from the Easy Loader panel; confirming the selection is the same as pressing the Get and Convert button.


The OmniPage Toolbox (Quick)