Numbered thumbnails showing miniature representations of each page image can be displayed in the Thumbnails panel. Scroll to see pages as necessary. The current page is shown with an “eye” icon. You can select multiple pages in the document. Selected pages have a distinctive appearance.

To display thumbnail images:

  • Choose Thumbnails in the Window menu, or

  • Click the Thumbnails show/hide button in the status bar.

Icons at the bottom of each thumbnail denote page status:

Omnipage icon acquired Thumbnails panel Acquired, Omnipage icon recognized Thumbnails panel Recognized, Omnipage icon proofed Thumbnails panel Recognized, proofed, Omnipage icon modified Thumbnails panel Modified, Omnipage icon mod proofed Thumbnails panel Modified, proofed, Omnipage icon saved Thumbnails panel Saved, Omnipage icon pending Thumbnails panel Pending and  Omnipage icon bookmarked Thumbnails panel Bookmarked.

  • If you hover the cursor over a thumbnail  you will see a popup window showing image size and resolution. Resolution below 200 dpi or above 400 dpi will not yield good OCR results. If you do not wish to see this display, choose Toolbars in the View menu and disable ToolTips.

You can use the thumbnails to perform page operations:

Jump to a page:

Click the thumbnail of the desired page. You can also use navigation buttons in the status bar for this.

Move a page:

Click the thumbnail of the page you want to move and drag it above the desired page number, scrolling as required.

Delete a page:

Select the thumbnail of the page you want to delete and press the Delete key. Make sure no other pages are selected, then confirm your request.

Select multiple pages:

Hold down the Shift or Ctrl key while you click thumbnails to make a multiple selection. Then you can move or delete these pages as a group.

  • You can also perform these page operations in the Document Manager. In addition, it provides statistical and status information about each page in the document.

Select special pages:

Right-click in the Thumbnails panel and use the Select Special shortcut menu to select bookmarked, recognized, modified, saved or proofed pages, all odd pages, all even pages or pages with a Note.

Multiple documents

OmniPage lets you work with multiple documents. In the Thumbnails panel, document title bars with the Omnipage button showthumbnails Thumbnails panel Show thumbnails button represent inactive documents. The active document’s title bar has a Close button. If a workflow is running on one document while you are working on another document, and the workflow has a step that needs user interaction (e.g. image enhancement, manual zoning, proofing or saving), its title bar will blink. This warns you to switch to the document where the workflow is running. Click its title bar to make it active. The window, dialog box or panel needing your attention will appear (e.g. the Image Enhancement window, Page Image panel, OCR Proofreader dialog box or Save dialog box).

The Easy Loader allows you to collect files for multiple documents.


Thumbnails panel