About the panels

OmniPage has eight panels: Start Page, Thumbnails, Page Image, Text Editor, Document Manager, Workflow Status, Easy Loader and Help.

Customizing the panels

  • A panel can be docked or undocked. A docked panel is fixed in position. Docked panels can be tiled, as in traditional Classic View, or on tabbed panels (Flexible or Quick Convert View). The tabbed option gives maximum screen space to the active tab, but you can switch quickly to and from other tabs.

  • An undocked (floating) panel can be dragged to any position. When undocked, it can be resized by its borders.

  • You can drag a floating panel by the mouse to one of the allowed docking positions. When a panel is dragged and hovered or moved above another one, purple coloring indicates possible docking positions. The dropped panel can be docked to a left or right vertical splitter, a top or bottom horizontal splitter or to a tabbed position.

    This figure shows an arrangement in tabbed position.

    Omnipage eng tabbed About the panels

  • Tiled panels (i.e. non-overlapping and separated by splitters) can be minimized. In minimized state a panel is represented by its title bar on the appropriate side of the screen. For example, if a panel is displayed on the left side before minimizing, its title bar appears also on the left. Hovering the mouse above the title bar of a minimized panel restores its size temporarily. This allows quick viewing without permanently restoring it. When you move the mouse away from the title bar, the panel gets minimized again.

To display or hide a panel

  • use the Window menu or

  • click the appropriate Omnipage icons statusbar About the panels show/hide button in the status bar.

To minimize or restore a panel

  • Click Omnipage button minimize About the panels to minimize a panel.

  • Click Omnipage button restore About the panels to restore a panel.

To dock in or out

  • Double-click a panel title bar or tab to dock it out (i.e. make it floating).

  • Double-click the panel’s title bar to restore it to its previous docked state, or drag it to a new docking location.

To switch between a tabbed and a tiled panel

  • Click on the tab and drag it into the working area to get a tiled panel.

  • Click on a panel title bar and drag it next to another tab to return it to a tabbed display. If no tab remains, use the Space bar as described below to reach a tabbed docking position.

  • Use the Ctrl key to move a floating panel anywhere without docking positions being shown. This is especially advantageous when using a secondary monitor.

    To see where a panel can be re-docked, drag the panel and while doing this, press the Space bar repeatedly. It will show the possible docking positions one after the other. Release the mouse button when you find the right place for docking.



About the panels