General troubleshooting solutions

Try these solutions if you experience problems starting or using OmniPage:

  • Make sure that your system meets all requirements listed under System requirements.

  • Make sure that your scanner is plugged in and that all cable connections are secure.

  • Turn off your computer and your scanner, turn your scanner back on, and then restart your computer. Make sure other applications are functioning properly.

  • Use the software that came with your scanner to verify that the scanner works properly before using it with OmniPage.

  • Make sure you have the correct drivers for your scanner, printer, and video card. See the Nuance’s Scanner Information web page for more information.

  • Run Check Disk to check your hard disk for errors. See Windows online Help for more information.

  • Defragment your hard disk. See Windows online Help for more information.

  • Uninstall and reinstall OmniPage.

  • The Support section of Nuance’s website at contains Tech Notes on commonly reported issues using OmniPage. Our web pages may also offer assistance on the installation process and troubleshooting.

  • Please see your Windows documentation for information on optimizing your system and application performance.


General troubleshooting solutions