Removing speech modules

To remove RealSpeak Solo Modules through the Control Panel

  1. Click Start in the Windows taskbar and choose Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

  2. Select Nuance OmniPage 18 and click Change.

The InstallShield Wizard will appear.

  1. Click Next, choose Modify and click Next again.

  2. Click the plus sign to expand the module list.

  3. Click Omnipage install yes Removing speech modules next to the language you want to remove and select Omnipage install no Removing speech modules  

  4. Repeat this last step for all the languages you want to remove.

  • Select Omnipage install no Removing speech modules in the top level if you want to remove all the Real Speak Modules.


  • Under Vista and Windows 7, you have to uninstall and reinstall OmniPage 18 to add or remove RealSpeak Solo Modules.

Removing speech modules