Improving speed

These are ways to increase processing speed in OmniPage:

  • Increase Computing Power

    OmniPage is maximized to run faster on dual-core and quad-core computers.

  • Select Faster Settings or deselect Slower Settings

    Use the Options dialog box to modify some settings:

    • Select Speed under Optimize the OCR process for…in the OCR panel.

    • Select a layout description setting that excludes tables if your pages do not contain tables. Then the table detection algorithms do not have to run.

  • Recognize only the text you need

    With manual processing, draw zones around only the parts of a page you want to process. This saves OmniPage the time of detecting zones and of processing text you do not need.

Draw ignore zones or set an ignore background on areas of a page you do not want processed. See Zones, backgrounds and auto-zoning for more information.

Excluding unneeded text is most useful when that text is in very small print, is printed badly or at an angle or is curved, has a highly stylized typeface or is included in a diagram or artwork. OmniPage is likely to spend a lot of time trying to produce results from such text.

  • Speed up proofing

Put your name, address elements, and your most common trade, company and product names, abbreviations and technical terms from the field of your work into a user dictionary, so they do not slow down proofing.

  • Speed and large documents

Process large documents automatically, even if you know a few pages will need separate attention. Automatic processing is likely to be faster than manual processing and does not need your constant attention. You can reprocess just those few special pages manually. See Combined processing.

Split very large documents into smaller documents.

For documents which can be handled by automatic processing, consider using Batch Manager to do the hard work while you are not present, for instance during a lunch break or a meeting. Save the job to an OmniPage Document if you want to proof and verify recognized texts later.

Improving speed