Options: Text Editor

Click the Text Editor tab in the Options dialog box to select settings for editing the recognized text.

Omnipage tb st options Text Editor

Open the Options dialog box with the Options button in the Standard toolbar or from the Tools menu.

Settings are applied immediately to all existing pages.


Select Non-printing Characters to see spacing dots, end-of-paragraph and end-of-cell signs and tabulator arrows in the Text Editor.

Select Markers to display red wavy underlines for suspect and non-dictionary words. Separately show or hide non-dictionary words in the Proofing panel.

Select Headers and Footers to display header or footer markers.

Select Reading Order to have the reading order shown by arrows. It will be displayed and can be changed in True Page only.

Measurement Units

Select a unit of measurement to be used throughout the program.

Word Wrap

Select No wrap to have the line breaks from the original document conserved. In Plain Text, original line breaks are always applied. Select Wrap to Ruler to allow the text to flow between its margins or within its frame. Your wrapping choice applies immediately to all recognized pages.

Form Objects

Select Highlight fillable fields to mark fillable form fields with yellow highlight in the Text Editor.


Text Editor