Options: General

Click the General tab in the Options dialog box to select settings that affect the whole program.

Omnipage tb st options General

Open the Options dialog box with the Options button in the Standard toolbar or from the Tools menu.

The General panel offers the following settings:

Enable Direct OCR

Select Enable Direct OCR to turn on the Direct OCR feature with Microsoft Office and WordPerfect applications. Two OmniPage commands, Acquire Text and Acquire Text Settings will be added to the Nuance OCR tab in a Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 application or to an OmniPage toolbar and the File menus of earlier Microsoft Office applications and WordPerfect when Direct OCR is enabled. Direct OCR can be disabled any time. You must restart the application not to have the Acquire Text and Acquire Text Settings menu items.  

Enable OmniPage Agent on system tray

Select this to have the  Omnipage icon taskbar General OmniPage Agent icon placed on your system tray, offering workflows, even when OmniPage is closed.

Enable update detection

Select this to enable automatic searching for program updates from the Nuance web site.

User interface


Select the language that you want to appear in all parts of the user interface, including dialog boxes, windows, and menu commands. OmniPage is delivered with the interface languages appropriate to your country.

To benefit from sending documents to a Kindle reader, the interface language must be English (and, for the moment, you must be resident in the United States).