Sending to Kindle

A Kindle reader is an electronic book product from Amazon. The Kindle Assistant in the Tools menu lets you create a simple workflow that sends recognition results to a Kindle account at Amazon; these results are optimized for reader display and appear on the Kindle device registered to that account.

To prepare a Kindle workflow:

  1. Have your Kindle reader and its associated e-mail address on hand.

  2. Choose Kindle Assistant in the Tools menu.

  3. Type in a name for the new workflow.

  4. Choose a document source: Scan, Load files or Load digital camera files. With file input, you will be prompted to choose input files when the workflow starts running.

  5. Enter the e-mail address linked to your Kindle reader.

  6. Provide a name for the output file. All recognition results enter a single file.

  7. Choose Save to save the workflow for later use, or Save and Run to immediately run the workflow and transfer its results to your Kindle device.

This simple workflow has three steps: Acquire images, Perform OCR and Send to Kindle. Recognition is done in English. All other settings take either default values or values optimized for Kindle.

When you run the Kindle Assistant for the first time, a customized output converter is created, called ‘Kindle Document’. It converts colored items to grayscale, pictures to 72 dpi and sets Formatted Text to remove any columns. This converter is then available for later processing – with or without workflows.

You can modify a Kindle workflow using the Workflow Assistant, to add other steps and change settings. For instance you can specify a page range or add more saving steps, so the file is not only sent to Kindle, but also saved to file with different settings (for instance with Flowing Page and color retention). Take care not to make modifications that are unsuitable for Kindle – e.g. creating multiple output files, setting non-supported languages etc.

You can also compile workflows targeting Kindle with the Workflow Assistant; set a Send in Mail step, choose the Kindle Document output converter in its settings and enter the Kindle e-mail address.

You can do the same without using a workflow by choosing Send in Mail in the Export results drop-down list.

  • At the moment (May 2011) this Kindle service is available from Amazon only in the United States of America. Therefore the Kindle Assistant appears only if English is set as the program interface language.

Sending to Kindle