Sending pages by mail

You can send page images or recognition results as one or more files attached to a mail message if you have installed a MAPI-compliant mail application, such as Microsoft Outlook. You can also select a page range and a formatting level for recognition results.

To send pages by e-mail:

  1. Select Send in Mail in the Export Results drop-down list of the OmniPage Toolbox.

  • With automatic processing, click the Start button Omnipage tbxb start Sending pages by mail. The Export Options dialog box appears as soon as the last available page in the document is recognized or proofed.

  • With manual processing, click the Export Results button Omnipage tbxb send mail Sending pages by mail. The Export Options dialog box appears immediately.

  1. Select Text, Image or Multiple in the Export Options dialog box. Select Text to send the recognition results in one of the offered file types (e.g. Microsoft Word). Select Image to send the page images in an image file type (e.g. TIFF). Select Multiple to send more than one file type at the same time: e.g. Word and TIFF. There are four pre-defined multiple converters to choose from or you can create your own. See Multiple converters for more information.

  2. Specify a file type.

  3. Select Use input name to use the input file names for the output files, leaving the extension to differentiate them.

  4. Select a page range.

  5. Select a formatting level when exporting Text: Choices depend on the file type. Possible choices are: Plain Text, Formatted Text, Flowing Page, True Page and Spreadsheet.

  6. Select one of the following file options:

    • Create one file for all pages

    • Create one file per page

    • Create a new file at each blank page (available only for Text output with at least one page recognized)

    • Create a new file for each image file

  1. Click OK.

The eMail Properties dialog box appears.

  1. Choose to auto-send the message or not.

  • If you choose auto-sending, supply at least one e-mail address and if desired a subject and an attachment name. Click OK to have the mail sent.

For auto-sending you must have a functioning connection to your mailing system.

  • If you do not choose auto-sending, supply an attachment name and click OK. Log into your mail application if you are prompted to do so. Your mail application appears with the attachment(s) in a new empty message. The suitable file extension is added to your attachment name, with numerical suffixes for multiple attachments.

  1. Address your mail message, add message text as desired and click the Send button.

You can also choose Send in Mail... in the File menu under Export Results.

OmniPage Documents cannot be sent in mail from inside OmniPage. Please save them to file and then attach them to a message using your mail application.


  • If you have used the Kindle Assistant at least once, you will have an output converter called ‘Kindle Document’. By selecting this converter and entering the e-mail address supplied with your Kindle reader, the contents of your file will be displayed on the reader. This service is currently available only in English and in the United States. See Sending to Kindle.


Sending pages by mail