Saving files to the Cloud

Omnipage icon save cloud Saving files to the Cloud

OmniPage 18 is delivered with a Nuance Cloud Connector component that can be easily configured by choosing it from the Windows Start menu in the OmniPage group. Specify which further Cloud sites you wish to access, and also which FTP sites you want to use for file saving.

Among the supported sites are Microsoft Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs, and many more.  An added benefit of the Nuance Cloud Connector is its ability to integrate directly with Microsoft Windows providing easy drag-and-drop access directly for cloud services.

Once at least one link has been established, the Connector is available in the Export Results drop-down list.

This list also offers direct connections to two web-based storage sites that cannot be accessed via the connector:  Evernote and Dropbox

Before saving recognition results to the cloud or FTP you may have to provide login information. The Nuance Cloud Converter can store user names and passwords to streamline the access.

Certain cloud services may have limitations, for example only Google Apps Premier users can upload image files.

OmniPage documents cannot be loaded from or saved to the Cloud from inside OmniPage. Please save them first to your file system and then transfer them from there.

Saving files to the Cloud