Multiple converters

Multiple converters allow you to export to two or more file types in one export step. These converters are actually combinations of existing Text and/or Image converters.

To use a sample multiple converter:

  1. Choose Multiple in the saving dialog box

  2. Select one of the four sample multiple converters:

    • Image PDF and TIFF,

    • Word and TIFF,

    • Word and TXT,

    • PDF and Word.

Your pages will be saved to both file types using the file name you provide. The extension differentiates the files.

  1. Click Options… and specify sub-folders if you want to save the files to different folders.

All other settings are taken from the current converter options for each file type in the multiple converter.

To create your own multiple converter:

  1. Select Export Converters… from the Tools menu.

  2. Choose the heading Multiple converters.

  3. Select an existing multiple converter and click Create from….

  4. Specify a name and click OK.

  5. Click Options… to receive a list of all text converters, followed by all image converters.

  6. Checkmark the desired ones. Optionally specify sub-folder paths for each file type.

The sample converters and those you create are dependent converters. Suppose you make a multiple converter to save to HTML and Wordpad. If you later change the saving options for the simple HTML converter, these changes will also be applied in the multiple converter.

To make an independent multiple converter, using the same example, select the simple HTML converter and make a new simple converter from it, naming it for instance ‘HTML for multiple’. Similarly, make a converter ‘WordPad for multiple’. Then make a new multiple converter from the two user-defined simple converters. In this way, the settings for simple saving to HTML will be independent from those in the multiple converter.

You can save pages with different formatting levels or file options to the different file types, as defined in their simple converters. A few saving operations cannot be done with multiple converters. These are:

Saving OmniPage Documents

Use a workflow with two saving steps, or perform two separate saves.


Saving to two targets

For instance, you cannot use a multiple converter to save a document to file and also send it in mail. Use a workflow with two saving steps, or perform two separate saves.


Saving different page ranges

You cannot save different page ranges to different file types, because only one set of selected pages can exist at saving time. For the same reason, workflows cannot be used either. Perform two separate saves.



  • With a multiple converter you can save the document as a text file (useful for indexing) and generate a wave file in one saving step. To generate audio wave files for later listening, Nuance RealSpeak must be installed.


Multiple converters