Copying pages to Clipboard

You can copy the recognition results of the current, selected or all recognized pages of a document to the Clipboard. You can then paste the Clipboard contents into another application.

  • Text formatting, such as bold and italics, is retained when you paste into an application that supports RTF 6.0/95 information. Otherwise, only plain or Unicode text will be pasted. Graphics are retained if the application supports insertion of images. If the target application has a command Paste Special…, use it to specify which variant to paste.

To copy pages to the Clipboard:

  • Select Copy to Clipboard in the Export Results drop-down list.

  • With automatic processing, click the Start button.
    As soon as the last available page is recognized or proofed, the Copy to Clipboard dialog box appears. Select Page range and Formatting level. After clicking OK, the recognition results are sent to Clipboard in Text, Unicode Text, Text – Comma Separated and RTF formats.

  • With manual processing, click the Export Results button, then select Page range and Formatting level in the Copy to Clipboard dialog box. After clicking OK, copying starts immediately.

  • Place the insertion point in the target application and select Paste. Text is pasted in RTF if the target application supports it, otherwise a text format is chosen. Select Paste Special to choose any of the available formats.

  • Copying to Clipboard is not available in workflows or jobs.

Copying the document to Clipboard is one of the export functions in OmniPage. Click here for information on other export options.

To copy just some selected text or a retained graphic to the Clipboard, and cut a text selection: see Cutting text or Copying text or graphics.



  • You can also copy pages from one document to another inside OmniPage.

Copying pages to Clipboard