OmniPage Options in PaperPort

The Options dialog box in PaperPort serves for setting OmniPage Options whenever you convert images to text in PaperPort with OmniPage.

To set OmniPage Options in PaperPort

  1. Right-click any text based application (e.g. Microsoft Word, Notepad, Wordpad) icon in the PaperPort Send To bar and select Send To Options…. The Send To Options dialog box appears.

  2. Choose OmniPage 18 in the Convert image to text (OCR) with selection box, then click the Settings… button. The Options dialog appears with four tabs: OCR, Process, Output Format and Other Options.


Settings selected on these panels have no effect on the OmniPage settings. However, they are valid if you start OmniPage from PaperPort or when you next use Direct OCR from a Microsoft Office application or from WordPerfect.

OmniPage Options in PaperPort