Acquire Text Settings

To display the Options panels for Direct OCR, select Omnipage icon acquire text settings Acquire Text Settings Acquire Text Settings in a Microsoft Office application or in WordPerfect. In Office 2007 or 2010, you find it in the Nuance OCR tab. In WordPerfect and in the earlier Microsoft Office versions, the button is on the OmniPage 18 toolbar. Alternatively, you can choose Acquire Text Settings in the File menu.

  • Enable Direct OCR should be selected in OmniPage under Tools > Options > General if you want to use the Direct OCR feature.

The Options dialog box for the Direct OCR feature contains the following tabs:




Output Format

Direct OCR


Settings selected on these panels have no effect on the OmniPage settings. However, they are valid if you start OmniPage from PaperPort or when you next use Direct OCR from a Microsoft Office application or from WordPerfect.


Acquire Text Settings