Processing automatically

Automatic processing provides an efficient way of handling documents, especially larger ones. First you make all settings needed, then you can click the Start button in the OmniPage Toolbox to process a new document from start to finish or to restart and finish processing on an open document.

To process your document automatically:

  1. Make sure 1-2-3 is selected in the Workflow drop-down list.

  2. Select the desired Get Page setting in the drop-down list.

    You define the document source, which can be from image files or from a scanner.

  3. Select a setting from the Layout Description drop-down list.

    This guides the program in auto-zoning the pages. You describe the incoming pages or specify a zone template file.

  4. Select a setting from the Export Results drop-down list.

    You can save recognized pages to file, copy them to Clipboard, send them as mail attachments or direct them to other targets.

  • Save the document as an OmniPage Document file from the File menu or the Standard toolbar.

  1. Choose Options… in the Tools menu and check that settings are appropriate for your document.

    You can, for instance, specify recognition languages and whether you want to proofread the document or not. You can also load an image enhancement template, a training file or a settings file.

  2. Click the Start button Omnipage tbxb start Processing automaticallywithout adding new ones which lets you perform re-recognition without having to scan or load or rezone all the images again.

Processing automatically