Direct converting using a shortcut menu

Right-click an image file in your file system, in Windows Explorer, in Easy Loader or on your desktop. The OmniPage 18 shortcut menu offers

  • conversion to six frequently used formats (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, RTF, Text, and WordPerfect),

  • any workflows with image file input that have been added to the shortcut menu

  • access to the Convert Now Wizard… that provides a customizable conversion and

  • the Add and Remove Workflows… submenu item to include workflows to the shortcut menu or to remove them.

  • Workflows started from here run in the background and display an interface only if user intervention is required.

The six Convert to menu items

  • initiate background processing with existing settings showing only progress bar indication

  • load, recognize and save files to the specified output format (xls, doc, pdf, rtf, txt, wpd) with their default formatting level

  • create a separate output document for each input file and

  • place the results in the same folder as the input folder.

Customizing direct conversion

Use the Convert Now Wizard menu item to perform customizable conversion of the clicked image files to any supported file type. Steps:

  1. Click a supported image file type in the Windows Explorer or in your file system, and choose OmniPage 18 > Convert Now Wizard…. The Convert Selected Files dialog box appears.

  2. Select either Text or Image as Output Format.

  3. Select from the available text or image file types. All chosen files will be processed and saved to a single output file, unless the output image file format does not support multi-page. In this case multiple numbered image files will be created (BMP, JPG, PCX)

  4. Select a target location to save the output file, or send the result in mail.

  5. Decide to start conversion immediately by clicking the Convert Now button, or to open the Workflow Assistant to change other settings (e.g. image preprocessing settings, language settings, layout settings). In this latter case click the Continue with Assistant… button. The Workflow Assistant appears with the generated workflow displayed. You cannot add or remove steps, but you can change settings if necessary. Processing begins when the Workflow Assistant is closed with Finish.

To add or remove workflows from the shortcut menu

  1. Choose OmniPage 18 > Add and Remove Workflows… from the shortcut menu.

    The Add and Remove Workflows dialog box appears.

  2. Click an empty check box in front of the displayed workflow names to include workflows in the shortcut menu. Click Omnipage checkmark Direct converting using a shortcut menu  to remove them. Click OK to close the dialog box.

Workflows that take input from scanner are not available here.

Direct converting using a shortcut menu