Different ways to process documents

Here is an overview of the processing methods you can use.

A fast and easy way to process documents is to let OmniPage do it automatically for you. Select settings in the Options dialog box and in the OCR Toolbox and then click Start. It will take each page through the whole process from beginning to end, when possible running in parallel. It will typically auto-zone the pages.

Manual processing gives you more precise control over the way your pages are handled. You can process the document page-by-page with different settings for each page. The program also stops after each step: acquiring images, performing recognition, exporting. This lets you, for instance, enhance the image, draw zones manually or change recognition language(s). You start each step by clicking buttons on the OCR Toolbox.

You can process a document automatically and view results in the Text Editor. If most pages are in order, but a few have not turned out as expected, you can switch to manual processing to adjust settings and re-recognize just those problem pages.

You can acquire pages manually, enhance one or more images, draw zones and then click the Start button to have them processed automatically.

Use this processing for fast recognition and saving. Select the options before processing. Then click either the Get and Convert button to start processing (scan / load, recognize and save documents), or click the Get Page button to scan or load your document and then the Convert Document button to recognize and save the document.

Workflows consist of predefined steps and settings. Typically they will include a recognition step, but they do not have to. Workflows are listed in the Workflow drop-down list – sample workflows plus any you create. The Workflow Assistant guides you in creating new workflows.

  • In other applications

You can use the Direct OCR feature to call on the recognition services of OmniPage while working in your usual word-processor or similar application. OmniPage automatically links itself to the Nuance PaperPort document management program.

You can schedule OCR jobs or other processing jobs to be performed automatically at a later time, when you may not even be present at your computer. This is done through the Batch Manager.


  • You can begin processing efficiently using the Easy Loader. In Quick Convert View you can use it to perform quick one-button processing.



Different ways to process documents