Combined processing

Automatic processing provides speed and efficiency. Manual processing demands more attention, but gives greater control over results. It is possible to tap into both benefits while processing a single document.

Start automatically and finish manually

When you have a large document with only a few pages needing special attention, you do not have to manually process the whole document. You can process it automatically and view results in the Text Editor. You can determine which pages are in order, and which need different settings or some manual zoning. After adjusting settings and/or modifying zones, use manual processing to re-recognize just those pages or use on-the-fly processing.

  1. Prepare the document and perform automatic processing.

  2. If you close or finish proofing you will be invited to save the document. This is recommended, even if it is not in its final form.

  3. Select a page needing rezoning and delete or modify the existing zones in the Page Image panel. Draw new zones as desired.

  4. Change other settings as required for the current page.

  5. Click the Perform OCR button to re-recognize the current page. Confirm that the previous recognition results should be overwritten. Alternatively, you can use on-the-fly processing to handle zoning changes without re-recognizing the whole page.

  6. To re-recognize more than one page, select the required pages in the thumbnails or Document Manager before clicking the Perform OCR button.

  7. When all pages have been re-recognized with acceptable results, save the document again.

Start manually and finish automatically

  1. Prepare settings and acquire images for the document by clicking the Get Page button.

  2. Examine the pages for suitable brightness, orientation and content. Rescan or rotate unsuitable images. Reorder pages as desired.

  3. Manually zone pages where you want to process only part of the page or if you want to give precise zoning instructions. Use ignore backgrounds or zones to exclude areas from processing. Use process backgrounds or zones to specify areas to be auto-zoned.

  4. Click the Start button, then choose Finish processing existing pages without adding new ones in the Start Automatic Processing dialog box and click Start.

  5. After proofing (if requested) you can export the document.


Combined processing