New Features

This section summarizes the main features introduced to OmniPage 18.

 Start Page

When OmniPage opens it presents clear options to open or scan documents, open OmniPage Project Documents and provides pre-programmed workflows to take your documents from one format to another in one easy step.

eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF

This process is specially designed to create Searchable PDF files from image-only PDF files or files that already contain some text elements or text pages without altering or applying an OCR process to existing text. All text based elements in a PDF remain untouched including document metadata, annotations, mark-up, stamps and more. The process can run automatically or with interaction for zoning or proofing. More information.

Cloud support

Download input files from web storage sites and return recognition results there. OmniPage provides native integration with Evernote and Dropbox.  In addition, the included Nuance Cloud Connector application provides access to a number of cloud services including Microsoft Live SkyDrive, GoogleDocs, and many more.  The added benefit of the Nuance Cloud Connector is its ability to integrate directly with Microsoft Windows providing easy drag-and-drop access directly to cloud services. The Nuance Cloud Connector is also upgradeable to a more feature rich version of the product called Gladinet Cloud Desktop Pro.  This enhanced version adds additional functionality for using cloud services for automatic backup and file synchronization.  See Loading files from the Cloud and Saving files to the Cloud.

New scanner enhancement (SET) tools for images including improved despeckling

The algorithms for removing speckles and dots from page images for increased word accuracy are improved, with a choice of despeckling methods (Normal, Halftone, Salt & Pepper). Auto-crop pages to have margins detected and reduced; the punch hole remover and border tools produce clean page borders without scanning shadows and marginal notes. When whiteboard content is captured by digital camera, the text and diagrams can be enhanced for maximum readability. See SET tools and Process Options.

Better control over determining blank pages

A new sensitivity setting increases the accuracy of recognizing blank pages that may scan as light gray or colored pages by allowing the threshold for blankness to be adjusted. This improves the use of two controls within OmniPage: the new pre-processing option ‘Drop blank pages’ and the existing saving option ‘Create a new file at each blank page’. See Process Options and Save to File.

Automatic Language Detection

Let the program assign a single language to each incoming page during unattended processing. It chooses from the languages with dictionary support that use a latin-based alphabet (meaning Russian and Greek are excluded) plus Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). When this feature is enabled, no manual language selection is possible. See OCR Options.

Choose proofing suggestions with shortcuts

Suggestions in the OCR Proofreader dialog box are numbered. As an alternative to clicking a suggestion to select it and clicking Change to accept it, hold down the Ctrl key and enter the suggestion number.

ISIS scanners:

Scanners that support ISIS drivers can be used to scan directly into OmniPage


If you are upgrading from versions 15 or 16, see Key features for more innovations.





New Features