Key features

This section summarizes the main features introduced to OmniPage between versions 16 and 17. See New features for the improvements made between versions 17 and 18.

Asian recognition

OCR services are provided for Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, with support for both horizontal and vertical text flow and embedded English texts. Results can be viewed and verified in the Text Editor. More information.

Vertical non-Asian texts

Auto-detection of vertical texts in two rotations functions inside table cells and anywhere on PDF or XPS pages, and in certain cases on other image file types. New tools allow vertical text zones to be drawn manually. Texts display vertically and can be edited in the Text Editor, using the True Page® formatting level. In other levels the texts are displayed horizontally.

Easy Loader

This provides a Windows Explorer-like display of the file system in one of the OmniPage windows, to keep files visible during your work and deliver full Explorer functionality, yielding quick file selections;  a dialog box with a lock facility lets a file set be built up before loading starts. With Quick Convert View Easy Loader allows not only fast file loading but also ‘one-click’ total processing:  load > recognize > save.

Improved support for Office 2007 and 2010  

The Direct OCR buttons appear on a separate Nuance OCR tab instead of being mixed with all other Add-Ins.

More robust batch processing

The Batch Manager automatically skips files that cannot be processed – including those blocked by password requirements – without stopping the main flow of work. The Job results window indicates which files were not processed.


The program’s launch speed is increased and performance is considerably improved on multi-core computers. Support for quad-core machines is introduced.

Linking workflows to scanner buttons

OmniPage functions and workflows can be associated with scanner buttons, so the whole pre-processing, recognition and storage of documents can be launched from the scanner.

Output to Kindle

The new Kindle Assistant lets you create workflows to send recognition results to a Kindle account at Amazon and receive them displayed on a Kindle device registered with that account. See Sending to Kindle.

Other improvements

Advances to image pre-processing provide better layout retention and overall accuracy – particularly in XPS files and document-to-document conversions. HD photo (JPEG XR) image loading is supported. Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is enhanced. Linearized PDF files can be created, so they are optimized for faster web viewing. The layout description for form processing is directly available in Quick Convert View.

OmniPage Professional improvements

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) links are available in OmniPage Professional to Hummingbird (Open Text) and iManage (Interwoven). When using SharePoint, the server, login and password information must be provided only once per session, and is offered in each subsequent session.

PDF Create, supplied with OmniPage Professional, can make PDF files up to version 1.7.


Users upgrading from OmniPage 15 to 18 can additionally benefit from the following:

  • Three screen views

    Choose from Classic (similar to OmniPage 15), Flexible and Quick Convert View (all main controls on a single panel)

  • Handling multiple documents

    Multiple document handling allows you to work on more than one document at a time.

  • Digital camera processing

    Special algorithms allow OCR to be performed on digital camera images of 2 megapixels and above. These enhance resolution, perform 3D-deskewing and straighten distorted lines.

  • Enhanced PDF processing

    Processing speed has been increased along with improved accuracy and output quality. A saving option offers MRC high compression technology for color and grayscale PDF Image or for PDF Searchable Image.

  • Customize Windows Explorer shortcut menus

    The OmniPage items in the Windows Explorer shortcut menus of input files are improved. In addition to direct conversion to popular file formats, you can add user-defined workflows to the menu and a new Convert Now Wizard makes it easy to customize the conversion process.

  • Faster processing

    The program converts non-image PDF files up to 50% faster than the previous version. It is also optimized to book a general gain of up to 40% when run on dual-core computers.

  • Page Layout

    Font matching, spacing, title detection, table recognition, and unified margin settings have all been improved.

  • Workflow Assistant

    This is re-designed to make it easier to select the workflow steps and define their settings.

  • Handling legal documents

    Pleading numbers can be identified and retained or dropped. Other legal items such as legal headers are identified and removed.


Omnipage pro Key features

The following section lists the features offered in OmniPage Professional only, between version 16 and 17.

  • Extracting data from filled forms

    A new workflow step allows data to be extracted from sets of forms and exported to databases, based on a PDF form template. The forms to be processed can be active PDF forms, static forms in a range on image formats or scanned paper forms.

  • File-it Assistant

    A more efficient aid for creating and using barcode cover page workflows. These allow for automatic processing and storage of documents driven by the push of just one scanner button.

  • Marking and redacting

    Text can be highlighted, strikeout or redacted (made unreadable) in the Text Editor. This can be done by selection or by searching for specified words. Redacting is useful for legal documents or for those with confidential content.


Key features