About the integrated programs

The Nuance Cloud Connector is supplied with OmniPage and is installed along with it. It can be configured to provide links to a wide range of storage sites in the Cloud, along with access to one or more FTP sites. To establish these links choose Nuance Cloud Connector in the Windows Start menu in the Nuance OmniPage group and follow the instructions on-screen. Once this configuration is done for at least one link, the Connector appears in the Get Pages and Export Results drop-down lists.


Omnipage pro About the integrated programs

The following items relate only to OmniPage Professional.

OmniPage Professional is delivered with the following integrated program: PDF Create. It is supplied with its own documentation.

Nuance® PDF Create 7 enables you to generate PDF files directly from any Microsoft Windows application using the Print command. For compatibility reasons, the item to choose is ScanSoft PDF Create! In Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can also use the toolbar shortcut to create a PDF file from the current document.

The PDF files will be viewable, printable, searchable and editable (they will be “Normal” PDF files) unless the source file came from an imaging application or security permissions prohibit some of these functions.


At installation time you can decide whether or not to install Nuance PDF Create.

With Complete installation, it will be installed. Select Custom installation if you do not want to install it.

  • The document-to-document conversion in OmniPage depends on PDF Create being present.

PDF toolbar

To display the Nuance PDF toolbar containing tools for PDF Create, select Toolbars from the application’s View menu and click the appropriate toolbar. Under Vista, use the Nuance PDF tab that includes the PDF Create button.

Getting help

Here are the places you can get help for PDF Create:

  • Help menu item in the PDF Create menu. Under Vista or Windows 7, display the PDF Create menu from the Nuance PDF tab.

  • Help button in the PDF Links dialog box invoked from the PDF Create menu (only in Microsoft Word)

  • F1 button in the PDF Create Assistant.

  • Reference Guide button in the About PDF Create panel of the Nuance PDF Create Properties dialog box. To display this dialog box, select in any print-enabled application: File > Print > ScanSoft PDF Create! as Printer name > Properties



  • Both PaperPort and PDF Create must be uninstalled separately from OmniPage.

About the integrated programs