Rotating page images before OCR

When you are processing a document manually, you can rotate the current page image before OCR takes place. Incorrectly oriented pages will not yield usable recognition results.

Rotate the page before drawing zones: all zones are deleted from a page when it is rotated.

  • If you are processing your document automatically, you can pause processing and rotate a page image after it is loaded or scanned by clicking Stop. Click Start again to continue automatic processing. If OCR has already been performed on an incorrectly oriented page, rotate the page and re-recognize it.

To rotate a page image:

  1. Click on the page image.

  2. Click the appropriate Rotate image tool Omnipage tb im rotate image tools Rotating page images before OCR

Or, choose Rotate Image in the Process menu and select the appropriate menu item, or.
right-click in the Page Image panel then select Rotate and 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

  • It is recommended that you have OmniPage automatically rotate pages if needed during OCR by simply selecting the Automatic page rotation option in the Process panel of the Options dialog box.


Rotating page images before OCR