Image enhancement history

The History panel appears at the bottom right of the Image Enhancement window. The buttons from top to bottom are: Apply, Reset and Discard All Changes. The  panel on the right shows an action list of all applied enhancement steps (both on the primary and OCR images) with the most recent on top and oldest at the bottom.

Omnipage eng history Image enhancement history

The left panel of the Image Enhancement window displays the input image; the right panel shows a preview of the effects of your current changes.

  • If your changes are successful, click Omnipage ie apply Image enhancement history Apply.

  • If they are not, click Omnipage ie reset Image enhancement history Reset, allowing you to begin again with the current step.

Modifications not added to the History by clicking the Apply button will not be applied. Continue making changes, clicking Apply or Reset. The action list will grow.

If you cannot improve on your starting image, click Omnipage ie discard all changes Image enhancement history Discard all Changes. This relates to the current page image only and restores it to its starting state, emptying the action list.

  • Any time you want to see what output a certain step resulted in, double click it in the action list.

To return to a previous step and change from there:

  • Double click on a step in the list, make a change and click Apply. The change will be applied and all more recent changes will be discarded.

  • If you step back, make a change but decide not to apply it, click the Reset button. Then no change is made and all the more recent changes are kept. Double click on the most recent step if you want to make further changes.


Image enhancement history