Zone Template Files dialog box

Access this from the Tools menu.

File name: This lists all the zone template files you have saved. The value [none] appears and also [zones on page] if the current page has zones. Click one to select it. The current setting is indicated: this is a template file or [none].

Set As Current: Select a zone template file, or [none], then click this to make this the current template value

Save: Select [zones on page], then click this to save a new zone template file containing the current zones and background and their properties. You can update the zones in an existing template file. Load the template, modify the zones or background, then click this.

Extract: Use this to extract an embedded zone template file from an OmniPage Document. The Save New Zone Template dialog box appears where you can save the zone template as a separate zone template file.

Embed: Use this to embed a zone template file in an OmniPage Document. The Embed in OPD dialog box appears.

Add: Use this to add a template file to the list, with the ability to browse for it.

Remove: Use this to remove the selected zone template file from the list.



Zone Template Files dialog box