Workflow Assistant – Send in Mail

Save As: Select Text to save the recognition results in one of the offered file types (e.g. Microsoft Word). Select Image to save the page images to an image file type (e.g. TIFF). Select Multiple to save to more than one file type at the same time: e.g. Word and TIFF. There are four pre-defined multiple converters to choose from or you can create your own. Select Form data to save forms.

Output file options

File options: Specify whether recognition results should be stored in one file or in a set of files. In the latter cases, numerical suffixes are added to the file name to generate unique files.

Use input file names: Select this to use the input file names for the output files, leaving the extension to differentiate them.

File type: Select the file type to be displayed in the file list.

Formatting level: This displays the formatting levels currently on offer, depending on the file type you have chosen.

E-mail options

E-mail Properties: Click this to specify e-mail addresses, subject, message text and attachment name.

Recipient’s e-mail address: Displays Recipient’s e-mail address entered in the E-mail Properties dialog box.

Cc’s e-mail address: Displays e-mail address(es) entered for copies in the E-mail Properties dialog box.

Subject: Displays the e-mail subject entered in the E-mail Properties dialog box.

Message Text: Displays the message text entered in the E-mail Properties dialog box.

Name of attachment(s): Displays the attachment name entered in the E-mail Properties dialog box.


OPD files cannot be sent in mail from inside OmniPage.; save them to file then attach them to a mail message.


  • You can use this dialog box to send recognition results from any suitable workflow to a Kindle reader. Choose ‘Kindle Document’ as file type and enter the e-mail address you received with your Kindle device. To have this output file type generated, you must first run the Kindle Assistant from the Tools menu. At the moment (May 2011)  this Amazon Kindle service is available only in the United States of America. Therefore it appears only if English is set as the interface language. The Kindle Assistant lets you build a simple three-step workflow optimized for sending documents to Kindle. See Sending to Kindle.




Workflow Assistant – Send in Mail