Workflow Assistant – Save as OPD


Prompt for saving name and location: Select this to be prompted for a file name.

Browse: Click this to browse for a folder.

Start here: This displays the path selected for the default folder when prompting for output file names.

Save automatically with a specific name and location:
This displays the specified file name with its path.

Files..: Click this to open the Save OmniPage Document As dialog box. Type in a file name for the OmniPage Document and click OK.

Create file in a timestamp subfolder: Use this to save files to automatically created folders, named by the date and time of creation.

OmniPage Document files can only be saved to folders you can browse to from your computer. They cannot be directly saved to destinations in the Cloud, to FTP sites, to SharePoint or other ODMA targets, nor sent in mail. After saving, you can transfer them to such destinations outside OmniPage. OPD files cannot be added to multiple converters.


Workflow Assistant – Save as OPD