Workflow Assistant – Extract Form Data

Omnipage pro Workflow Assistant   Extract Form Data

This step is available only to OmniPage Professional.

Form template file: A PDF form template file must be specified here. Click Browse to search for it. The name of the form template file with its full path will be displayed here.

Browse: Click this to browse for a PDF form template file that contains an active form (unfilled or filled).

Page range: Specify which pages should be processed. You can exclude non-form pages, e.g. filling instructions by using this option.

Languages and dictionaries

Languages in document: Select any languages that are on the pages that you are going to recognize. For better recognition, select only languages that are on the pages. The top languages are your most recent choices, below that, the languages are listed alphabetically. Key in a letter to jump to it.

See OCR Options for advice on the options Verify language choices and Detect single language. The latter removes the need to choose languages beforehand; it can be useful for unattended processing when the forms may be filled in more than one language. In this case, Asian languages are not supported.

User dictionary: Select the user dictionary that you want to use for proofreading OCR results. Custom may appear; it is Microsoft Word’s default user dictionary.

Professional dictionaries: Use this to choose specialized dictionaries for certain professions. These dictionaries are consulted in addition to the standard and user dictionaries.

Fonts and characters

Reject character: Type in the character that you want OmniPage to substitute for characters that it cannot recognize. Reject characters, tildes <~> by default, appear in red in the recognized document.

Additional characters: Enter accented letters here that you want validated for recognition in addition to those already validated by your language choice. Enter characters from your keyboard or from the character map. The button with three dots opens this.  


  • Form Data Extraction is not available for Japanese, Chinese and Korean.


Workflow Assistant – Extract Form Data